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Mission Statement

The mission of Green-Rock Audubon Society, Inc. is to restore, preserve, and protect the environment for us and future generations through education, activism, and conservancy.

About Us

Green-Rock Audubon Society, Inc. was incorporated in 1991 as a Section 501 C (3) non-profit corporation and is a local chapter of the National Audubon Society. Between 2000 and 2004 we acquired a conservation easement and 250 acres of land so we are a land trust. In 2007 we began aggressively restoring our property.



2014 GRAS Bird Seed Sale

Thanks to everyone who made GRAS bird seed sale a huge success. A special thanks to Tom O’Brien bird seed sale coordinator and to Victor Illichman, John Patterson, Don Gabower and Dennis Rogers for making all the deliveries.


Ned Hollister Bird Club Meeting October 12, 2014

On Sunday, October 12, the Ned Hollister Bird Club met at Androne Woods for their monthly meeting/field trip. Eleven people atended. In addition to a mystery bird call, we identified a flock of robins, downy woodpecker, horned larks, red tailed hawk, flicker, white breasted nuthatch, and chickadee. The drizzle must have kept everyone else in hiding. Neil Deupree.

field trip photo october 12, 2014



Stop Syngenta's bee-killing pesticide plan

The United States has already lost more than half of its managed honeybee colonies -- and the problem could soon get much worse.

Swiss agribusiness giant Syngenta, which is one of Monsanto’s biggest competitors, just filed paperwork with the EPA requesting permission to increase the amount of the bee-killing pesticide thiamethoxam it uses on alfalfa, corn, barley, and wheat crops by up to 40,000%. If approved, this proposal would be absolutely devastating for bees and other pollinators.

The EPA has opened a crucial public comment period to take feedback on Syngenta's bee-killing proposal - but we only have a few days to flood the EPA with comments and save the bees.

Tell the EPA: Reject Syngenta’s bee-killing pesticide proposal. Submit a public comment before the October 6 deadline.

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Swift Night Out

My observations at Washington Elementary: 7:00pm - about 10 circling in area 7:15pm - first few swifts entered the chimney 7:20pm - hundreds now circling 7:30-7:45pm - swifts entering 10-20 at a time 7:50pm - last swift entered chimney Total: 860!

Here are our observations: Sept 7, 2014 Station: St Mary's parking lot - east of Carriage House Building. 73 degrees. Clear sky. Full moon. Wind calm. Began observing at 7:20 pm. No swifts visible. 7:25 pm - Many swifts are circling . 7:28 pm - First 3 swifts enter chimney. 7:32 pm - Next group enter. 7:40 pm - Most have entered. 7:43 pm - A single swift enters. Total: 264 in the large chimney.

Here is the link to a two-minute clip on youtube of the Chimney Swifts entering the chimney at Washington Elementary. I counted 860 total!


Stateline Community Foundation supports Audubon habitat restoration

The mission of Green Rock Audubon Society (G-RAS) includes maintaining and restoring habitat for native birds in Green and Rock Counties. Through the Stateline Community Foundation, the Gibbs Foundation has once again provided funds to support that effort. This year's amount was $4184, which will help to purchase materials to combat invasive species on the properties that are owned by G-RAS. For example, the land management team uses propane powered weed torches to burn garlic mustard, and herbicide to eliminate woody invasives such as buckthorn.

For more information about G-RAS habitat efforts, contact Victor Illichmann at 608-882-5893. For more information about the Stateline Community Foundation, contact Tara Tinder at 608-362-4228.



Janesville is now a Bird City Wisconsin


"You have met all the criteria - and you have more that you could have counted," said Carl Schwartz, director of Bird City Wisconsin. Carl presented the official designation as Bird City to Jim Farrell, Janesville City Councilor, on Wednesday, November 20, at a Green Rock Audubon Society meeting.

The presentation followed a program presenting the essentials for becoming a Bird City. The Bird City movement is four years old and Janesville is the 76th community to be chosen after an application process that involves meeting at least seven criteria.

The mission of Bird City Wisconsin is "Making our communities healthy for birds...and people". The local goal is to increase the healthy habitat for birds and to decrease the hazards they face.

In ratifying the application, the Janesville City Council also designated the second Saturday in May each year as International Migratory Bird Day. The Bird City planning team will be gearing up in January to organize a Bird Festival in May. (Ideas and assistance are welcome.)

Carl Schwartz also commented extensively on Janesville's application - especially noting the number of groups that had signed on as supporters, including financial contributions for the $100 application fee. He also mentioned the meticulous bird count being done annually at the Cook Arboretum and the activities with local schools.

Bird City materials include a flag - which can be flown by the Municipal Building each May, two road signs, and a plaque. "It's a good feeling to have so many people and groups working together to make Janesville a bird friendly place," commented Neil Deupree, who is part of the planning team. "The group's website is packed full of resources and ideas for bird conservation and enjoyment:"

bird city sign


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