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Membership form (PDF)

Green-Rock Audubon Society (GRAS) membership for one year with the quarterly newsletter Green Rock Naturalist from Green Rock Audubon Society (all dues go to GRAS).

  • Senior or student membership $10
  • Single person membership $15
  • Couples membership $20

National Audubon Membership
Combined with Local Membership

Membership in the National Audubon Society includes a free membership in your local chapter. If you live in Green, Rock area, your local chapter is the Green Rock Audubon Society. $20.00 per year is the introductory membership (thereafter a $15 increase to $35.00 for a basic membership). You will receive the National Audubon Society's bimonthly magazine Audubon, a bimonthly magazine, and the quarterly newsletter Green Rock Naturalist from Green Rock Audubon Society.

If you wish to join the National Audubon Society as a new member on line with a credit card go to the National membership web page.

Please be sure to select Chapter Code Z18 so that Green-Rock Audubon will be reimbursed for your membership.

If you wish to pay by check or money order through the mail, please download the form below and send it with your payment directly to: 

Make checks payable to GRAS
Mail to: John Patterson
N3262 Loop RD
Monroe, WI 53566

Download PDF Membership Forms Here



Help GRAS become a stronger Audubon chapter. The chapter is restoring and preserving more than 250 acres of bird and wildlife refuge. Right now we have just a handful of people doing the prairie burns and eradicating invasive plants and trees. GRAS needs your help. The reward is to know that you have helped preserve this refuge for many generations to enjoy.

If you are a member and can help please contact:

Land Management Chairperson Victor Illichmann

(608) 302-8113


Photos taken during a workday on April 2, 2014

burn image


burning land for conservation