Resources and Links:

  • Victor Illichmann's Experience with Garlic Mustard. (PDF File)
  • A guide to preferred food for birds. (PDF File)
  • We would like to thank Photographer Robert Ault for allowing Green Rock Audubon Society to use so many of his photos of birds taken thoughout the state of Wisconsin. We will be alternating photos monthly.

Need something to read?
Read the book reviews by Neil Deupree

GIFTS OF THE CROW    by John Marzluff & Tony Angell 

This Changes Everything – Capitalism vs the Climate by Naomi Klein

Tales of Remarkable Birds by Dominic Couzens

Local Environmental Groups

  • Welty Environmental

    Welty Center staff and volunteers provide educational programs for children and adults year round – both at their center at Big Hill Park in Beloit and at other locations.

    [Their] mission is to provide leadership in environmental and ecological education to students, teachers and individuals of all ages so that the residents of this region can make informed decisions leading to the respect for and the enjoyment, preservation and sustainable use of our natural resources.

  • Rock County Conservationists-Monthly outings and programs are arranged by Rock County Conservationists as part of its public education objective. Its purpose is to foster activities in the area of conservation and to encourage better protection and stewardship of the remaining natural features of Rock County. Membership is open to anyone sharing these concerns and the general public is invited to attend these meetings. Phone during the evening for information from John Meland at 608-868-9891. For program information contact Dave Bendlin at 608-868-3824 or email

  • Ned Hollister Bird Club-Monthly programs with topics about birds. Monthly field trips for birding. Bird counts. Meetings are held on the second Sunday at the Welty Environmental Center at Bill Hiil Park in Beloit at 2:30 pm November, January, February & March. For information, email Kelly Washburn at 608-362-9424 or email

  • Green County Defending Our Farmland-G-RAS is fiscal agent for this group, which is exploring the impact of large livestock operations on land and water, and associated health issues.
  • Prairie Enthusiasts - Prairie Bluff Chapter - Meetings are the first Tuesday at 7:00, Monroe Library upper meeting room. Prairie Enthusiasts manage the Jason Briggs wetland on Brostuen Road, south of Cleophas Rd and near our Gabower-Reilley wetland.

State or Regional Group Alliances

  • Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative (WBCI)

    Mission: To deliver the full spectrum of bird conservation through regionally-based, biologically-driven, landscape-oriented partnerships

    The Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative is a partnership of more than 150 organizations around the state. Partners include bird clubs, hunting and fishing groups, government agencies, land trusts, nature centers, environmental groups, universities, and businesses.

    G-RAS is one of the endorsers.

  • Wisconsin Wetlands Association -
  • Wisconsin Wetlands Association was established in 1969 to protect the state's wetland resources through education, training, advocacy, and research on key issues that affect wetlands. To our knowledge, WWA is the first and oldest statewide organization focused exclusively on wetland protection. More than 1450 members include wetland scientists and educators, conservationists, hunters, concerned citizens, and local and regional organizations. G-RAS is a member.

  • Bird City
  • Bird City Wisconsin's program is aimed at helping communities identify long-term conservation programs around which they and their organizations can work together to meet program criteria that in turn benefit Wisconsin's bird life.

    Evansville, Monroe and Janesvill are Bird Cities, along with many other Wisconsin cities. This distinction means that they have met certain criteria developed by the Bird City Wisconsin program; including :protection of habitat, forest management, limiting or removing hazards to birds, and public education.

    The website is chock full of activities and ideas, such as chimney swift habitat and preventing window strikes. G-RAS has assisted Evansville, Monroe & Janesville in becoming “Bird Cities.

    How about Beloit, Milton, Edgerton….

  • Gathering Waters Conservancy -

    Gathering Waters Conservancy’s mission is to help land trusts, landowners and communities protect the places that make Wisconsin special. Our goal is to increase the amount of protected land in Wisconsin through private, voluntary action.

    G-RAS has benefited from programs and advice from Gathering Waters regarding our Conservation Easement and our land restoration work.

  • Rock River Coalition

    Mission: To educate and bring together people of diverse interests to protect and improve the economic, environmental, cultural, and recreational resources of the Rock River Basin in Wisconsin.

    G-RAS is a member.

  • Lower Sugar River Watershed
  • From the Website: The Lower Sugar River Watershed Association (LSRWA) is a non-profit, grassroots organization dedicated to empowering citizens with experience and knowledge to become stewards of the land and water resources in the Lower Sugar River Watershed. Formed in 2011, in partnership with its long established sister organization, the Upper Sugar River Watershed Association (USRWA), LSRWA was created for people who care about and enjoy the Sugar River and the rich, productive landscapes of Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.


Other Places To Learn About Birds and Nature

  • Wisconsin Natural Resources Foundation

    The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin provides opportunities for individuals and organizations to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Wisconsin’s natural resources, support state and local conservation programs, and establish conservation endowments.

    WNRF conducts dozens of field trips each year all around the state - usually led by someone from the WI Department of Natural Resources. Find them under the “what we do” tab. Great experiences!

  • Wisconsin Society of
  • The Wisconsin Society for Ornithology was organized in 1939 to encourage the study of Wisconsin birds. The aims have since expanded to emphasize all of the many enjoyable aspects of birding and to support the research and habitat protection necessary to preserve Wisconsin birdlife. WSO strives to alert members and the public to situations and practices that threaten Wisconsin’s bird populations.

    Good place to connect with bird sightings around the state.

National Audubon Logo

National Audubon Society

Wisconsin Audubon Council

Links to Wisconsin Audubon Member Organizations:

Aldo Leopold Audubon Society
Stevens Point
Chappee Rapids Audubon Society
Chequamegon Audubon Society
Coulee Region Audubon Society
Fond du Lac County Audubon Society
Fond du Lac
Friends of Hunt Hill Sanctuary
Hoy Audubon Society
Lakeland Audubon Society
Lake Geneva
Madison Audubon Society
Milwaukee Audubon Society
Northeastern WI Audubon Society
Green Bay
Schlitz Audubon Nature Center
Sheboygan County Audubon Society
Winnebago Audubon Society
Wisconsin Metro Audubon Society
West Allis


Other Links of Interest:

Wisconsin Land & Water Conservation Green County Land Conservation
WI Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) Rock County Land Conservation
The Nature Conservancy Mackenzie Environmental Ed Ctr
The Prairie Enthusiasts Bat Conservation of WI
Environmental Education for Kids Wisconsin Wildflower Identification
Bluebird Restoration Assoc. of WI Wisconsin Conservation Congress
Sand Bluff Bird Observatory Bird Watchers Digest
NW Illinois Audubon Environmental Defense Fund
North Central IL Ornithological Society
Forest Service Kids - Top Birding Sites
PBS eeko World - Kids Birding sites in WI